[LIMIT OF PERCEPTION] modern art museum münster projekt by prof. dipl ing. kazu blumfeld hanada


A key motivation, for modern art museum Münster was to research focus on the differentiated aspects of contemporary art, in order to investigate contemporary limit of perception, further then to alienate into mode of architectural language. The phenomena of art and architecture has sustained closer influences, in relation to the transformation of and the technology, ethics, social structure and the media. First steps was to observe the contemporary works of Donald Judd, focusing on his geometry and actual phenomena. From the observation, has resulted abstract schema of “index models”, which sustain the potentials for further developments. A site is infrastructural remained site between railways of south and main station. Considering that urban structure and landscape, the building was interwoven along the rails, that links together the outdoor and indoor spaces. The ground plan is circulating surface, combining areas for information, exhibition, contemplation, accumulation, trade, and social meeting. MAMM is museum in urban context, that sustain the functions of public –ness and infrastructure.