[denk]mal construction

project by Prof.Dipl. Ing Manuel Thesing


collaboration with: Nadine Somberg


The memorial construction project is about preservation of historical monuments and planning of Bad Bentheim city. In new town hall there is a propose for an enlargement, and new building addition which will make a highlight the city hall standing under monument protection. The near territory of city hall is property of Hotel in west side. owner sold this territory with agreement from which hotel will have a privileges from the new building. This is a reason why the new building is placed in the east side of the old city hall which is curling it by this connection tract and it creates a sky bar on the hotel rooftop. By help of sky bar the view from A main square goes on Fritz Högers old city hall, which was not so visible before. In the building other than bureaucracy departments there are a lot of interesting places for visitors as library which is used with city hall as well as Hotel, and the tower from which there is a panoramic view of the city and where you can find a Cafe as well. That's why the new city hall increases the city quality.