KLAPPBAR [invisible kitchen]

projekt by Roman Delugan


collaboration with: Kathja Gröger


nowadays we see how more often single's and couples without child's live in little flats. The life is more frenetic and needs more mobility and flexibility. As in the metropolitan cities like New York, Tokyo etc. there're a lot of apartments where we could say there is no more need to have space for the kitchen and this space is used for new style of life. But in the special events like party, candle light dinner or business dinner, it's necessary to have a kitchen. So why you could rent the Klappbar for few day´s, it includes everything you need to cook quickly and without problems. In relation what you need to cook you can change the various pieces of Klappbar, like grill instead of gas cooker or wok. In closed condition is Klappbar a box and very easy to move from one place to another. The outer layer is made of linoleum to protect from scratches and damages.


With klappbar you have something more than a simple kitchen, it includes Hi-fi sound system, uplights, lcd screen for digital cook recipes where the user can search them. That´s why Klappbar is exclusive design object with which you can make your events become very special.